Sunday, 5 May 2013

Updated Blogroll 6/5/13

Since Andrew Gelman did one last week I will do one today.

I have probably forgot some and so will undoubtedly update.


  • John Quiggin who quite possibly is the original and still one of the best.Left of centre
  • Ricardian Ambivalence is the opposite. He is new and right of centre works in financial markets
  • Club Troppo is pretty old with Ken Parish the Editor in chief. Lotsof different people write there with Nick Gruen my favourite. They are mugwumps. ( A bird that sits on the fence)
  • Harry Clarke also has been around a while. slightly right of centre
  • pollbludger apolitical but must read on anything politics OZ style
  • Peter Martin an old mate of mine. If you are gong to read any journo then Pete is the one
  • The Kouk is not as regular as he once was. Has demolished people like Judith Sloan, Gerard Henderson and Terry McCrann. ever so slightly left of centre
  • Grogsgamut where Greg Jericho lives. Great with charts
  • Marktheballot. Name says it all Mark the Graph on blog leave at present
  • Kevin Bonham writes on politics. sometimes too tasmainian but good.
  • mumble where Peter Brent is essential reading if you like politics
  • Larvatus Prodeo where Mark Banisch has a lot of mates writing from a left of centre perspective hang out
  • We are all dead is Matt Cowgill's blog Specialises in labour economics
  • Paul Krugman  Do I need to say anymore
  • Calculated Risk Bill McBride writes on US housing and other matters
  • Economists View Mark Thoma obviously never sleeps. Lots of articles and has links every day
  • Brad De Long great on economic history and has good links too but snarky
  • Econbrowser where Jim Hamilton and Menzies Chin share. Always good reading on economics
  • Worthwhile Canadian Initiave Frances Woolley, Nick Rowe and Livio De Matteo write here. not to be missed
  • Uneasy Money David Glasner is always writing high quality articles usually on monetary economics from a historical perspective
  • Noahpinion where Noah Smith writes a lot on almost any subject to do with economics
  • macroblog where Atlanta Fed's Dave Altig keeps up a high quality blog
  • Econospeak politically incorrect eonomics?
  • Jared Bernstein economics from a rightwing democrat point of view

  • MainlyMacro Simon Wren-Lewis writes on macro-economics.High quality and regular
  • Not the Treasury view where Jonathon Portes hangs out. Similar to Simon
  • Irish economy says it all. A group of people with great links on mostly European matters
  • Lord Keynes writes on matters from a social democratic view. A bit too MMT for my taste

  • Andrew Gelman If you like statistics then you must read him. Warning. He writes a lot
  • Goodstats Badstats and numbersruleyourworld are very similar. Great in understanding statistics and with only a few articles a week if that.
  • Dave Giles. Struggling to remember about all that econometrics you did at University. Dave is your man!!

Voxeu  lots of papers on almost any subject and easy to read


  1. What an appalling reading list. No wonder your brain is mush.

  2. Hey Homer,

    you sure Martin's happy with you publicizing "he's a mate"? I think you may want to check with him. You two were walking the corridors of power...?