Wednesday, 30 November 2022

I am thankful I was wrong

 The last two games by the Arnieroos have been a stark change to the first.

The defence which was full of holes has tightened up held its shape and not let in a goal despite close shaves.  The midfield has run itself ragged chasing the ball.  We have created chanced when having the ball despite having limited possession.

The substitutes made sense and there was a clear strategy.

Thus far we have scored three goals from broken play.  Harry Souttar has not just been sensational but quite inspirational in defence. Every tackle and head was cheered this morning.

Make no mistake getting into the final 16 is much better now than in 2006. We then had most of the team playing regularly in the 4 major leagues.  Not today.

We beat Denmark, a very good team. We withstood the early onslaught when it appeared we were affected by the work we put into the Tunisia game, held our heads high and began to make inroads. The goal by Leckie (who had a poor game) was a beauty.

Now on to sunday morning and Argentina.

Any boos who sacks anybody today for being late is a bum as Bob Hawke would say

Tuesday, 29 November 2022

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Sunday, 27 November 2022

the Victorian election

 Here are some takeaways from the election.

My view is always to vote against a sitting government after two terms even if the opposition looks terrible. Tony Abbott anyone?
Thus I do not regard this return of the ALP as good for Victoria.

Thursday, 24 November 2022

Around the Traps 25/11/22

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Wednesday, 23 November 2022

The State of the Climate Report

 The State of the Climate report was recently released.

Mathew England provides us with a wonderful insight into what it means and what must be done

Tuesday, 22 November 2022

I was right unfortunately

 Before I start cannot SBS get a better commentator than David Basheer. Simon Hill or Speedy are far better or even pich a decent pom!

We lost 4-1. A great early goal, perhaps another two should have been scored BUT our defensive lapses hurt us bigtime.

We were up 1-0 and seemingly did not know what to do next. We picked a funny team and the substitutions mae little sense.

I said previously we would get beaten easily by France because of two reasons.

  1. We had no cattle. Not one sorry one player plays in one of the 4 major leagues
  2. Arnold has had 2 Asian cup campaigns and showed little tactical acumen.
The only thing we had going for us was France were traditional slow starts . They were not this morning.
Our problems were:
  • both fullbacks gave the wingers far too much space and they were quick.
  • the defence was full of holes
  • we had little creativity
  • When players are either lacking in skill or have little confidence they pass back. We did that a lot.
Can we at least plan for the future now like france did back in the 90s. Can we not at least plan to get to the quarterfinals or semifinals?

Tunisia drew with Denmark so Saturday night is not looking good.

Monday, 21 November 2022

Ukraine No end in sight

 That is the tile of a very thoughtful article from Ian Hill on this subject.

It is quite logical when you think about it. Ukraine was invaded. given its military successes why would it yield any territory to russia, indeed why not take back Crimea.

Putin is in a lot of bother. He invaded Ukraine, he continually commits war crimes which makes Ukrainians more determined not less ( is he going the full Trump?)  He must show russians something for all the trouble he has caused and to take their view away from his massive kleptocracy of the Russian economy.

Sunday, 20 November 2022

the World Cup

 If you are a football fan like myself the World Cup is the ultimate in viewing.

There are a lot of controversies about this one however. HERE is a good summary.

It is a disgrace that the World Cup is occuring in Qatar. They should have never been given it and it should be in Australia. It has never been played at this time of year and it is only being played there because of the heat in Qatar.

Australia is unlikely to do well. We have no-one playing in the 4 major leagues ( although Ryan most definitely should be). Thus we do not have the cattle. Moreover Arnold in his two Asian cup campaigns has shown poor tactical judgement. So it is consistent to think it is likely we will finish last in our group. We might beat Tunisia might.

I think Brazil are good things to win the cup. Argentina perhaps might get there if Brazil do not.

Saturday, 19 November 2022

Led Zeppelin

 Sorry I fibbed. It is merely Robert Plant and Jimmy Page ( who looks like Franz Beckenbauer) doing the battle of evemore live. It is one of my favourite songs from Led Zeppelin IV

the backup singer ( Najma Akhtar) is:

  • breathtakingly beautiful
  • has a wonderful haunting voice
  • knows what a backup singer is supposed to do
  • has a smile that lights up a room
  • is modest
  • she has the same birthday as me but not the same year
Both men show how grateful they are for her performance.

It is simply breath taking

Thursday, 17 November 2022

Around the Traps 18/11/22

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Wednesday, 16 November 2022

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Monday, 14 November 2022

Crosby Stills Nash and Young

 A combination of being busy and simply not interested in much today.

Here we have CSNY with Jim Keltner on drums and the marvelous and legendary Donald 'duck' Dunn on bass.

It is one of my favourite young songs Cinnamon Girl

Sunday, 13 November 2022

A tad more on the US Mid-terms

 Andrew Gelman had written a typical thoughtful article on on-the-republicans-decision-to-run-extremist-candidates-in-high-profile-close-races.

He makes the point that it makes sense to run extremist candidates when you believe a wave is coming.

A few problems became apparent however.

The Supreme court completely changed the abortion laws. ( whilst I am in favour of this I decry the lies by every judge who changed the law after saying they would not.)  A large majority of US voters favour liberal abortion laws. Various questions on abortion were passed in these elections.

Alito has come out of the closest since the super majority was imposed on the Supreme court positively sneering at those who criticise his decision. 

I should add their decision on gun laws simply exacerbating their view. See comments on andrew's article for more.

When you add the Trumpists determination to continually allege voter fraud in the 2020 election simply angered voters.

In ending I should add democrats were lucky. Trump and the Abortion decision saved them from a thrashing. They should realise that.

Everyone is expecting Trump to announce he is running for the 2024 election. Perhaps for the first time he is seen as a  loser.   Once this becomes apparent, if it is, he will drop out.

I for one would like to see De Santis V Whitmer.

Saturday, 12 November 2022

Peter Gabriel

 This is simply amazing.

Peter Gabriel of Genesis fame doing solsbury hill live but in 6 different times.

I think we can say he is not as energetic as he get older like we all are!

Thursday, 10 November 2022

Around the Traps 11/11/22

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Wednesday, 9 November 2022

Trump is a vote loser

 The one clear outcome of the mid-terms is Trump is a vote loser.


  • He easily lost the popular vote in 2016
  • He got hit with a blue wave in his mid-terms
  • He easily lost the 2020 election
  • He was the prime reason why Georgia voted for two democrats for the senate in run-off elections that usually favours republicans.
  • his favoured candidates did badly
There are two questions that come from this.
  1. Will Republicans come to their senses and abandon Trump which would give them a real good chance at the white house
  2. Will Trump realise he might lose or do badly in the republican primaries and lose the 2024 election and thus 'retire'
We can only hope.

Tuesday, 8 November 2022

Steve Winwood part 2

Too busy for anything so a song is needed 

Traffic was one of the great bands of all time. The low spark of high heeled boys is an extraordinary song.

You choose which live version is the better

Monday, 7 November 2022

Employers are hypocrites

 Employers are complaining about labour shortages yet complain about paying higher wages. huh.

I think Ross Gittins has it about right. 

Union membership is at a record low. People  rarely strike if they are not organised i.e. are not in a union.

This is why we have experienced wage stagnation for a decade.

People who talk about going back to the 1970s simply did not work in that era. Union membership was much much higher and unions had members willing to go on strike for higher wages. This aint the case now.

This is why I am very sceptical of people talking about wages rising a lot. If they are not rising strongly now at full employment when exactly are they going to rise?

If employers are finding labour shortages then they could offer higher wages to get employees.

Sunday, 6 November 2022

what the government should do about energy.

 Okay I know I talked an]bout this last week but it needs reinforcement.

Medium Term

This is easy peezy. Get a lot more renewables into the grid. They are easily the cheapest forms of energy. They are now both recyclable and the new windmills are not affected by wind droughts. We know wind and solar droughts are nowhere near as bad as previously thought. Nor do we need as much firming either. The CSIRO has examined this and found this to be the case.

nuclear power is a problem. It takes a long time to build and is very expensive. Small modular reactors have supporters BUT they exist mainly on submarines not in commercial use. In addition they only use a certain form of uranium that is only sold by Russia! The other problem is that advocates who say they could easily slide into old coal fired power stations do not realise they would not have the same output as that of the stations they are replacing.

We  will ignore for the moment base load power is only needed when the State government owns the assets ( to avoid blackouts.) In a system owned by the private sector it is dispatchable power that is king.

Short Term

We talked about this very recently. Rod Sims and Bruce Robertson are on a unity ticket. Use the export powers to lower gas prices. After Gas examine coal and do something similar.

Lastly Graham Readfearn has a very good point.

Saturday, 5 November 2022

Steve Winwood part one

 Steve Winwood was a genius. I can't find my way home is a classic.

Here he is with Tom Petty and the guitarist is quite good, better than Clapton in other live performances of this song IMHO

Thursday, 3 November 2022

Around the Traps 4/11/21

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