Friday, 24 May 2013

Billie Joel

I remember a time long ago when a mate rang me up.
He has just bought an album from an import shop.He couldn't get over how good it was.
so I went out and bought it too.

Piano Man was a superb Album. Billy Joel stood on the verge of greatness but unfortunately went downhill very quickly after this.

For me the best two songs are these.

Travelling Prayer. I saw him do this live on a Helen Reddy TV show. here it is.
On reflection using a guitar instead of a fiddle didn't work.

The other song is the Ballad of Billy the Kid. Great song but dreadfully inaccurate from the same show.
( As Nick Gruen comments it was meant to be inaccurate. He couldn't write words to make it 'right'. I don't really care It is a great song!)

He could have been a contender and been up there with Bruce Hornsby but decided to go commercial.

We all lost with that decision!

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