Friday, 3 May 2013

Bob Dylan and Johnny Cash

For two blokes who couldn't sing to save themselves they do themselves proud with this track.

 I have always loved this track. It was the first Bob Dylan song I heard and it is the best. Why I do not know but I have it on my ipod and never ever get tired of it.

How do two people who patently cannot sing, as they show on this song, bring such emotion and commitment to this song?

For another reason I cannot fathom it reminds of Clint Eastwood Westerns

I just love it

I hope you like it Jason.


Whoopsy the song is called Girl from the North Country

1) I am cheesed off I cannot get a youtube track of Lily,Rosemary and the Jack of Hearts ( My second favourite Dylan track) to show from Blood on the tracks
2) These guys couldn't sing nor play instruments  well but they could write songs very well.

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