Monday, 6 May 2013

Castle Some Criticisms

It has only been since I started writing a few times about Castle here I have become a fully owned up Castle fan. Indeed a Caskett shipper no less!

It is the BEST series I have ever watched!  ( Best Castle episode guide)
Why you ask?  It involves watching two people in love eventually becoming a couple. ( Daniel Nathan Fillion and Stana Katic are sensational at looking in love with each other. Stana does jealousy and blushing very well too.)

Actually the figures for this blog  suggest there are some Castle fans out there! ( It appear most of them are in Russia!!)

However even the best series have problems so let me elucidate on some I believe the Series has.
  • Castle is supposedly a Ladies man etc yet he never shows any inclination of this. He waits 4 years for Beckett! He never puts the word on her even in the hotel in LA.Even when has has sex with other women they are taking advantage of him. In two instances he declines sex with women who make it very clear they want him. ( the actress who will play Nicky Heat and the 'sexy' insurance investigator.)
  • Beckett starts in the first episode with no lipstick and no makeup and a poor dresser. ( Heavily implied is the fact she is simply work driven since her mother's murder). Yet Castle comes on board and she gets a new hairstyle, lipstick, makeup and elegant clothing on his very first day. huh?
  • There is no concept of time. Castle doesn't have the time to do everything that he has supposedly done. Beckett is even worse. Her mother dies at 19. She has to get through university, get her father off the drink( it takes 4 years) ,investigate her mother's murder but she is clubbing throughout this time. I do not think so.
  • The only wine people drink is red wine. Women in particular like white wine more than red wind. Yet Beckett. Castle's mother, Lanie etc  drink red wine all the time,What gives here?
  • We have a best selling author with an attractive female detective every day and no newspaper writes about this in New York?
  • What is with the hairstyle changes with Beckett? She goes from being soso in the very first episode to being attractive in the first series.She then goes backwards in the second series until she gets her long straight hair style which makes her sensual but vulnerable. She becomes smoking hot with her long wavy hair sometime in series 3 and has remained so ever since. But why?  Actually her persona changes with each hairstyle change. Again why?
  • He invites her to the Hamptons in the last episode of series 2. No ulterior motives we are told. If she goes she can find out whether this is correct and whether a relationship can develop ( of course it can) but she doesn't. Why?
  • She actually wonders about a relationship with a multi-millionaire? A handsome one at that!
  • She doesn't have the physique to drink Castle under the table and would a gal who took 4 years to get her Dad off the drink actually try doing that?
  • You are either an extrovert or an introvert. Beckett is clearly shown as an introvert. ( She likes to stay at home and read at night), you do not change from that!!
  • I forgot about Castle getting back with his second ex-wife. Why? That was the most sexless relationship he had been in we learnt when he talked to Special Agent Shaw!!

Castle uses the word 'Always' to Beckett. Each time, given the situation ,it is an emotionally intimate term to use and it is accepted by Beckett!  you could say they are allbut lovers

What you thought I would write abut Castle and have no video?
It shows Becket at her smoking hottest, isn't the blush great but what about the chemistry between the two!!

As an added bonus Castle and Coldplay. These Fans are fantastic

This combination of Coldplay and Castle is utterly inspired. An act of genius. All Caskett shippers salute you!


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  2. This 3rd rate show doesn't deserve the acclaim Paxton is giving it. It's a 3rd rate Hollywood production and most likely won't last 2 seasons. OF course Paxton finds it great value. No shock there.

    I reckon he's taken in by the female in it.

  3. the last episode of the 5th series is on Monday night in the USA and it will be into series 6 next September in the USA so you are right on the ball

  4. Paxton

    I sure half an hour of the show and it was awful. i can't understand how one earth anyone could rave about it.

    Unless of course you find the female lead "smoking hot".

    You idiot.

  5. You do not read very well.

    She doesn't become smoking hot until midway through the 3rd series.

    The show was just as good before she became smoking hot.

  6. Nathan Fillion sure but Daniel Fillion?

    And she got hot when she grew her hair longer

  7. agh caught out badly.

    Yes but only when her hair became wavy