Monday, 30 November 2020

Gerard Henderson does not understand history

 I had the misfortune on the weekend of reading a Henderson column.

Oh dear. He clearly has no idea of history.

Let us go back to the rise of Nazi Germany. The Nazis put out a lot of propaganda on the jews. It did not work at first. In 1934 when They recommended people boycott retail stores owned by Jews most Germans ignored it and kept on shopping at said stores. There are photos of old women walking past burly SA thugs and shopping in such stores. The 'boycott' lasted one day. However by 1938 and when Kristallnacht eventuated most Germans ( according to both Gestapo and Sopade records) agreed Jews were a fifth column in Germany. One must remember that most people thought war was about to occur. So within four years there was a vast turnaround in attitudes. ( We might call it Goebbels's revenge who was humiliated in 1934).Thus it took 4 years for their propaganda to inculcate German culture.

Lets fast forward to Donald Trump. He e realises his lies will be seen for what they are so calls all the press fake news. He tries to subvert major institutions which are vital for democracy. ( See HERE  and HERE for example)

Thus in 2020 most republican voters believe Trump lost the election because of voter fraud.

See any similarities. It is all too much for Henderson. He never was a true conservative merely a faux conservative. 

Mo wonder he writes for the Australian.

The elevation of Trump to President has shown us all the faux conservatives, pseudo intellectuals who are too lazy and simply do not have the mind to understand simple but important concepts.

Sunday, 29 November 2020

The Best solution to replacing Liddell

 We have known for some time AGL was going to close Liddell power station down. It is simply uneconomic because of its age. Remember also AGL is not paying full dollar for the coal!

When AGL announced the closure it said the power station would be replaced by renewables, a gas station and a battery. This seemed to be lost on critics and the Federal government. They stated prices would rise just as they did after Hazelwood closed.

We now have new modelling commissioned it must be said by Greenpeace that shows renewables and batteries are they way to replace the Liddell power plant.

Ah you say it was commissioned by Greenpeace so what. Well on my reading of the work it appears pretty solid. Only criticise the work not who commissioned the work. Shoddy work is usually pretty easy to recognise. This work is far from shoddy!

THIS adds more to the problem.

I should add Matt Kean the NSW Minister deserve some accolades. He can do what Angus Taylor the federal Minister cannot.

Thursday, 26 November 2020

Around the Traps 30/11/20

 It is time for Around the Traps


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Andrew Gelman ( mainly stats)


Dianne Coyle ( quirky + book reviews)

Vox Wonk

Wednesday, 25 November 2020

Big Batteries have a lot of benefits

 Batteries are getting bigger, much bigger and the benefits are immense.

One of these is the displacement of gas plants which are quite costly.  There are a lot more so read the article it is very interesting

Monday, 23 November 2020

Trump supporters are not conservatives

 Okay let us put this claim to bed.

If you support Trump then you maybe a lot of things but being conservative is not one of them.

Conservatives fully support rules based trading systems both internally and externally. Trump does not. He is a protectionist and believes might is right!

Conservatives are strong defenders on institutions. It is the Institutions that make the country however Trump wants to tear them down.

Conservatives accept the will of the electorate. Trump does not.( See HERE) Trump's attempt to show fraud has been frankly embarrassing. It also enables would be dictators to subvert election results. ( This is PERTINENT).

Conservatives understand the importance of the fourth estate. You simply so not have a democracy without a free press. Trump again has enabled would be dictators to manipulate the press. Do you think China would be 'changing' Homg Kong so much if not for Trump and 'fake news'.

All in all Trump has been a disaster for conservatives but at least we know who the true conservatives are now!

Sunday, 22 November 2020

Australia's day of Shame

 Australia's elite SAS division has indulged in disgraceful behaviour. Some of the people have committed war crimes. Some enjoyed killing people.

I cannot help but wonder as Daniel Flitton has australia-s-mission-afghanistan-what-was-it-again.

One cannot help but thinking the heavy drinking and the rest were echoes of what occurred in Vietnam. This is exacerbated by being a different war. Are the people you are seeing typical civilians who want to embrace you or terrorists who want to kill you. Are villagers you friends or foes?

We must always remember Australia is part of civilisation. We NEVER EVER should adopt actions or tactics like either the Taliban or ISIS or whoever who simply are not civilised  and are  plain evil.

When we become like them we indeed become just as evil as they are.

This is why we should embrace the report and strongly desire for wholesale culture change. We need leaders of soldiers to be leaders. Thus if they did not know what was going on they should be sacked as they damn well should have.

Thursday, 19 November 2020

Around the Traps 23/11/30

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Tuesday, 17 November 2020

On Trump being an immature schoolboy

 I could write a lot about this but Perry Bacon from 538 has beaten me to it.

He makes a lot of good points. I suspect Trump will continue to say there was electoral fraud  even when all his lawsuits have been thrown out.  This never made sense. What sort of fraud occurred that only involved the Presidential election. What about the Senate and Reps?

The worst thing is quite a few stupid people will believe trump and believe their vote is worthless. This can lead to violence as we see in Third world countries.

The republicans in Wayne County who certify the results were not going to do so until an outcry forced them to certify the results.  This too is Third world country stuff.

Thank you Trump Thank you Republicans

Monday, 16 November 2020

Robodebt was a disgrace

 Robodebt was an unmitigated failure. It is beyond comprehension this policy was ever enacted. Ministers obviously had no brains at all.

Who is to blame. Apparently no-one. No resignations and apologies through gnashed teeth is simply not good enough.

The government picked on the most disadvantaged in the nation.

It was a disgrace from start to finish and has cost us over $1b and no-one but no-one is to blame.

How convenient.

Sunday, 15 November 2020

It aint classical Gas

 The Grattan Institute has a new report out on the future of gas.

In essence although they think gas prices may fall it won't be by a lot.

The government has criticised the report but only in general terms and thus nothing specific whch suggests it has hit a nerve.

Thursday, 12 November 2020

Around the Traps 16/11/20

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Wednesday, 11 November 2020

Parliament needs to do something

 The four corners program opened another lid on senior politicians having affairs with staffers.

We should note it is almost always a male politician and a female staffer. We should also note if such situations occurred in the private sector the politicians would have to resign.

Why so? well look at the power position of both parties. Also the man never wishes to split from his wife he just wants sex on the side.

What can be done then. Set up procedures which can so any female who feels she is in an 'invidious position' can launch proceedings so there can be an investigation and results published with associated actions.

Please note it would apply to ALL politicians and their staff.

Tuesday, 10 November 2020

Joel Fitzgibbon goes

 Joel Fitzgibbon has left the ALP front bench and has been replaced by Ed Husic.

The first thing to say is the ALP have had a great improvement in quality. Husice is way better than Fizgibbon.

The second thing to say is perhaps the main reason why Fitzgibbon has done this is he can say things on the back bench he cannot on the front bench and he did get a big fright last election.

I also have to say Fitzgibbon needs to read the Deloitte access economics publication because if he does he will then realise GDP will be greater and thus there will be more jobs if the country addresses climate change.

Hopefully the ALP does and will.

Monday, 9 November 2020

Trump has lost

 Well we now know Trump has been beaten in a vote that in the end is not close. Once all the votes are tallied the difference could be substantial.

True to form he has acted like an immature schoolboy. Remember he did this when he won last time so it is no surprise. Just like last time there are plenty of allegations but as the Yanks are prone to say 'Where's the beef'?.

There is none. If there is the Courts will examine them in intricate detail. This has yet to happen and in reality on listening to the allegations is unlikely to happen.

We can say with great confidence the polls were badly wrong. ( I heard with amusement the innumerate Chris Kenny assert only he predicted the late swing. On what evidence was this late swing???)

I think we can say Trump's vote was larger than most expected because of Trump and Biden campaigning on different issues.

It will be invigorating to watch an adult back in the Whitehouse. It could well be quite boring! 

I should have spoken about Trump saying he only lost because of fraud. In the end there will be two reactions. Largely Trump will be ignored. His allegations have no substance and he is merely a sore loser.

However there will be a significant minority of people who will lose faith in the institution of voting.  This is what occurs in third world counties where people resort to violence at worst or protest at bestr to change a government.

This again shows Trump is not a conservative.

Thursday, 5 November 2020

Around the Traps 6/1/20

 It is time again for Around the Traps.


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Andrew Gelman (mainly stats)


Dianne Coyle ( quirky + book reviews)

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Wednesday, 4 November 2020

What an election

 The Democrats really need to have a hard think about why they have not won in a landslide.

Trump is clearly incompetent as his reaction to the coronavirus has showed. Yet no huge surge in votes and no majority in the Senate despite the Republicans abysmal record there particularly on combatting the coronavirus recession.

One reason could be that there are far more morons allowed to vote than people realised.

For some considered views see 

Andrew Gelman

Kaiser Fung

Did not everyone really think Trump would declare victory on the night when he had no right too.

How about saying no new votes where he was leading but not in Arizona where he is not!

I should have added those so-called fantastic pollsters for both parties git it as wrong as the public polls. Charlie Cooke and friends got it as wrong as everyone else!

Oh dear someone has no idea of how the votes went in 2018

Tuesday, 3 November 2020

Sky after dark

 It is election day in the USA so why write about something important!

We get WIN on our TV here is Sydney so it is possible to watch Sky after dark.

My sons said to give it a go so I tried and was unsuccessful. Why you ask.

From about 7 p.m. when I switched there it was simply boring men who had gripes. I never saw a guest. There was little intellectual depth.

I can almost say this is always the case with people who call themselves conservatives.

They are not of course. All on Sky are trump lovers. They wouldn't know a rules based trading system if they fell over it. Attempting to destroy institutions. Nah they are blind.

I do feel sad for people who watch this guff. It is bad radio to hear a person rant and rant let alone television.

Monday, 2 November 2020

Tackling climate change is a must

 Deliotte economics produced a new report on Climate Change.

It is an interesting document.

I think I am right in saying it says if Australia does not adopt a zero carbon emissions by 2050 then GDP will be a lot smaller than it should be.

Will the ALP use this document properly.  I hope so.

Sunday, 1 November 2020

Just how low can the Republicans go

 There are some who hold out hope the Republican party will go back to being a conservative party if Trump is defeated/

Do not count on it.

Remember Bill Clinton. He was impeached upon the findings of special prosecutor Ken Starr. ( He who examined issues way out of his brief but di not think Muller should.)

The impeachment was led amongst others one person who was indulging in adultery at the time and another who had had a child form a woman who was not his wife. He said this was an indiscretion of youth except he was over 30 at the time!

The republicans never accepted Bill Clinton winning. They thought it only occurred because of Ross Perot.  Unfortunately for them Bill Clinton was far superior in politics.

Come Obama and it was a similar thing except they had no specious reason for that. The worst thing the Republicans did was in the courts. They di not allow Obama to put many judges on the court below the Supreme court. ( yep that is stacking the courts).

They of course did not allow Obama to put a judge on the Supreme court when an  incumbent died on February.  They completely changed their position when one died this year.

Finally we have Republicans indulging in voter suppression. In Texas if you wish to vote beforehand you have to drive some 80k in some cases. They also wanted a lot of votes cast disallowed on very specious grounds.

Think of it a major party is so scared of losing they indulge in nothing less than voter suppression.

Just on absentee/ early voting some states allow votes of the military at least a week until they stop allowing votes to be counted.  How is it the Republicans believe this is allowed for the military but but private citizens?

The Republicans embraced Trump because that is the way they behave now'. Oh for a  modern day James Baker.

I hope there is a landslide just on this issue.