Thursday, 2 May 2013

Around the Traps 3/5/13

It is Friday in Sydanee and therefore time for Around the Traps.

Going by the statistics a lot of people read this which is a tribute to those who write in the blogosphere.

These are merely most of the stuff I have read over the week and are good reading and hopefully gets you thinking for the weekend.

Special things to note:
  • You must read Deridda Derider's comment (Oz section and highlighted)
  • David Giles now gets his own section on econometrics
  • Andrew Gelman's blogroll is at the bottom for all those  interested
  • R&R related articles are in bld bold and in the general section
  • in most posts you learn as much from the comments!




 Andrew Gelman well mainly Statistics
Andrew David Giles writes on econometrics

Andrew Gelman's blogroll  here


  1. David Giles, rather than Andrew Giles?

    Thanks for the links!!!!

  2. fixed and sorry mind you a combination of David Giles and Andrew Gelman would be the greatest statistician around!!

  3. Huh? DD's comment is basically a sneering sarcastic rant you'd expect from any halfwitted leftwinger.

    No wonder you'd like it.

    One other thing thing Homer. Stop talking about statistics. You're innumerate to all intents and purposes.

  4. You douchebag Homer. You toozing douchebag.

  5. Well We have some good examples of people who have no idea of what irony is.

    Hmmm this coming from someone who had no idea how many observations you needed to see a trend that is statistically significant.

    Tell me how you found out whether the NBN is on budget yet?

  6. I should add two things

    A person who has the epithet Derrida Derider would hardly be a left winger ad of course he isn't.

    A person saying he is a half wit is merely projecting