Tuesday, 28 February 2017

The Delusionists

When Tony Abbott was toppled as Party leader it was acknowledged at the time it was done because the Government was headed for an electoral catastrophe.

We now have history being re-written by some 'conservative 'commentators asserting Abbott would have won the last election.  Unfortunately for them the polls told another story. The LNP would have been decimated. in the last two weeks of the election campaign people were asked how they would vote if Tony Abbott was leader. The answer a resounding loss to the LNP.  See Peter Lewis

Turnbull is now toast .Mumble says it all.
The Liberals have the choice of Abbott, Bishop, Morrison, Dutton or Hunt.

That is no choice at all!

A bit more:

George Christensen
George is in no trouble in Dawson. If the ALP come third their preferences will easily get over the line. In Australia the primary vote means diddly squat. It is the Twp party preferred that matters. This is in essence why the One Nation party was dormant for so long. Their primary vote was sometimes impressive but they never got any preferences!

Malcolm Turnbull's demise
People were ecstatic when he became leader. Here at last was an adult in charge, Abbott was not only completely out of his depth he was an embarrassment. Unfortunately as time went on it was clear Turnbull had sold his soul. There was no change in policy at all. He was fortunate to get over the line at the election. Without Daniel Andrews he perhaps would not have.