Tuesday, 7 February 2017

The Royal Commission into child abuse

I have to admit I was indifferent to the setting up of this royal commission.
We know homosexuals make up a bit less that 2% of the population and paedophiles are even less.
I expected to the RC to uncover some child abuse but not a lot.
I was badly and horrifically wrong. See Steve from Brisbane

It is quite clear that paedophiles saw opportunities in various agencies and organisations.
Let us be clear. This was not a case of boy love as repulsive as that is.

It was a case of sexual assault and in a lot of cases rape. It if not destroyed then caused many childrens'  lives to be seriously mangled.
It was the case of these adults abusing their power position and inflicting violence onto the children.

In a lot of cases people in authority knew what was occurring and did nothing. That this occurred in organisations which are allegedly built on the scriptures is an absolute disgrace.

The Catholic denomination was not the only organisation where this occurred but unquestionably by far the largest.
I suspect the reason is because paedophiles knew this was the easiest way to prey on children. I do have sympathy here as paedophilia was essentially unheard of in the 60s. It occurred of course but was rarely spoken about.

However it is clear too many people in high places showed a blind eye when allegations were made time after time.

One last thing some people ( I'm looking at you Steve and you Soony) allege this occurred as a substitute for not having sex with women like most other males.

This is absurd.
If you are this 'frustrated' you would take this out in either adultery or fornication with adult females.
Sex with boys which is what mainly happened is completely different. Raping boys more so.

We can only hope this disgraceful situation never happens again.