Sunday, 19 February 2017

The Sydney Derby

Saturday night saw the Sydney derby at Homebush. There was a crowd of almost 50,000 and it surely would have broken that if the weather was okay.
Football is made for derbies.
It doesn't matter if one team is going well in the league like Sydney FC and the other is not like the Wanderers. If the Wanderers win then the season is a good one particularly given if it stops Sydney's unbeaten run.  They did and the fans were ecstatic.

It was a fantastic game in terms of the football. Given how close the game was the RBB made the game and thus the atmosphere was simply out of this world.

The local derbies are now proven crowd pullers and games to look forward to.  I think all Sydney derbies should be at Homebush and one day it will be packed out.

I can only say it was bloody great to be a  Wanderers supporter on Saturday night.

Oh yes it was a penalty. The Referee did not have a great game