Monday, 13 February 2017

The Libs are playing with fire with One Nation

The main argument yesterday was the decision by the WA Libs to preference One Nation in the upper house instead of the Nationals.
The quid pro quo is that One Nation preferences the Libs in the lower house.

It seems as Colin Barnett has no knowledge of history. Antony Green has a very informative article on One Nation , preferences the LNP and the 1998 state election.

If a person wants to make One Nation a major player in politics then exchanging preferences is the best way to do it.
A number of people in the Federal liberal party have made comments that One Nation has changed. It is now sophisticated, it is economically rational, it is no longer racist.

I say bollocks (a highly technical term) to that. John Quiggin says what I wanted to.

One nation can be said to be socially conservative but highly interventionist in economics.

They want to return to the 1950s when the government intervened in everything that moved.

They are totally against economic liberalism and deregulation of most industries.

The last time the Libs gave preferences to One Nation they ensured One Nation seats they were never going to win otherwise.  One Nation blew up internally. It is more likely this would occur again however if it does not then the Libs will have to accede to One Nation demands with regard to policy.
That is highly dangerous given how racist, xenophobic not to mention ignorant they are.


Dom Knight who really should be hosting the RN breakfast show instead  of Fran Kelly writes a terrific column HERE.  
Compare that with Sinclair Davidson who thinks Hanson made an impressive speech without telling us why or how.