Wednesday, 22 February 2017

Some people have no shame.

The wages data came out yesterday and yet again we have an all time low in annual rises in wages.

I leave Greg Jericho to give you the good oil on it.

I am wondering when certain people such as Gerry Henderson , the Peroxide Princess et al  will come out and say they were wrong in alleging the labour market was re-regulated.

We know this was NEVER the case.

If it was then the following would have occurred.

  • Industrial disputation would have risen as unions used their new found power
  • Wages would have risen again as unions used their new found power
  • Unemployment would have risen as labour costs rose substantially.
NONE of the three occurred .Indeed the opposite occurred As I stated way back when.

ain't it funny that those who got it so badly wrong cannot even admit to their blundering mistakes!