Monday, 20 February 2017

The ALP does not need a renewable target

Tony Wood today makes a very obvious point. The party has a policy of an emissions intensity scheme for the electricity sector.

Let me quote Tony here

"If we had a clear policy to reduce emissions at lowest cost, whether in the form of an EIS or some other scheme, renewable energy would naturally increase to whatever level is most economically efficient under those policy settings. Whether this reaches 50% or any other level would be determined by the overall emissions-reduction target and the relative costs of various green energy technologies.
In this scenario, a separately mandated renewable energy target would be simply unnecessary and would probably just add costs with no extra environmental benefit. Note that this reasoning would apply to state-based renewable energy policies, which have become a political football amid South Australia’s recent tribulations over energy security."

Read the whole article as he makes so much sense. Perhaps Bill Shorten should read it as well as he appears to as well briefed on this subject as Alan Moran.