Sunday, 19 February 2017

Sinclair Davidson gets an english lesson

Sinclair Davidson today attempts to fake fake news.
Err no. Trump went to Florida. If he didn't then that is fake news. Imagine a President saying a terrorist incident occurred in Sweden bit it didn't. That is fake news.

The CNN host eloquently tells the trump apologist what fake news is and what it isn't yet the Trump apologist again falsely claimed this was fake news.
The host then stops the program when it is clear the Trump apologist is merely goebbelsising. as he SHOULD.

Perhaps  we should give Sinkers some slack because as we have seen in the past his understanding of the English language is very poor!


Why does Sinclair Davidson defend the indefensible?  Easy peezy. He doesn't believe in free speech. One only has to look at Catallaxy to see that. Catallaxy writers and commenters rarely come out of that cesspool to defend their beliefs that is why the articles are so inarticulate.

It is the same with Trump apologists as in the CNN grab. No argument to defend Trumps conflict of interest so allege it is fake news when it isn't.

Never mind Trump as I have shown is a Fake news President!

!984 was late in coming.