Wednesday, 15 February 2017

Why Trump is evil

More chaos in the chaos house yet again.
This time we see looney tune Flynn 'resigning'.

For four different opinion on this see:

We should note the FIRST highly specific allegations against Flynn was made in the Wall Street Journal. It was the follow up by the Washington Post with detailed notes on the phone calls which completely sunk Flynn.
Republican Senators want to follow this up. 'What did the President know and when did he know it?'

This issue is but a template of showing how incompetent the present chaos house is..

I want to concentrate on the evil actions of the famous sloppily drafted EO on 'immigration'

First we should realise all three looney tunes  i.e Trump, Bannon and Flynn, all believe in fake news. Bannon had made a career out of it. 

HOWEVER Trump and Flynn would have known the EO they were proposing had no evidence to back it up with. ( The Courtsd asked for it but never got it.) They both would have been briefed to that effect by their national security experts. There is academic support for this as well. Refugees do not come to the USA or Australia for that matter as terrorists to kill  people.

Terrorists these days of ISIS are home grown. When people of Trump's ilk spew out their false information it is fodder to ISIS's propaganda machine to boost home grown terrorists.

Why does Trump deliberately lie about refugee being terrorists? He can't say no. He simply cannot be seen as supporting policy which is plainly wrong.
Thus he puts the citizens of the USA at risk by trying to implement policy which has no basis to it AND successfully reinforces false perceptions of some people in the USA.

This is evil

Whoopsy I forgot to say the Acting Attorney General Sally Yates warned Trump about Flynn

double whoopsy. for those who do not know Flynn broke the LOGAN act. ( note to self do not assume)