Wednesday, 1 February 2017

Pretty good TV Shows

I need some relief from what is occurring in Chaoshouse in Washington.

A few free to air channels  have aired shows that are either pretty good or superb. The only problem is at night I have to choose between the internet or the show I have taped to disc.

On Seven two we have:

  • Inspector Morse. I finally got to look at this series from the start. It makes better sense. Kevin Whately as Lewis steals the series. The late John Thaw was not a great actor. Morse is not a handsome man nor a charming one yet somehow women are attracted to him. Morse is quite intelligent who did not finish his oxford degree whereas Lewis has no tertiary education yet they make a great policing couple. 
  • Endeavour  This is about the young Morse, Where Thaw is poor at his role Sean Ryan absolutely nails the role of Morse. You know this man is intelligent, has poor social skills but is very good at detective work. This series has wonderful characters and is much better written than Morse
  • Lewis  This is a follow on from Morse after Morse dies. Lewis ironically becomes more Morse like as his gets older. He reads more ,likes classical music etc. The characters are better as well.
  • Wallander. A fantastic series based on a swedish detective. Kenneth Branagh plays Wallander, Say no more
  • Murdoch mysteries  A series based on a detective based  in Toronto before the turn of the twentieth century. Again the characters are all good
On Nine gem we have 
  • DCI Banks   A fabulous series with all characters very interesting but Caroline Catz ( The Bill fans will  remember her) steals the show. Andrea Lowe looks really good.
  • Poirot     I even watch repeats of this series. Again all the characters are great. however I think both Hugh Fraser and Philip Jackson steal the show.