Wednesday, 1 March 2017

Penalty rates. Hypocrisy all round

It is amazing how much hypocrisy is around concerning the woeful decision by the Fair Work Commission decision on penalty rates.

First the Government.
They say it is a decision by the independent umpire and that decision should be respected. Hang on they  got rid of one independent umpire when it brought down a decision they did not like ( road transport). They intervened in the CFA dispute and changed what the Fair Work commission had determined.

Next the ALP
Bill Shorten gave the Fair work Commission the opportunity to reduce penalty rates. He said at the last election he would respect the decision of the Fair Work commission. Now he does not want to.

This all gives ammunition to parties like One Nation who are run by dills have policies that are stupid and clearly have no understanding of what is occurring now let alone 20 years ago.

Both parties need to understand that people crave consistency in policies and policies only change when the facts change as Keynes almost put it in 1936.