Tuesday, 18 February 2020

The Mentalist

I have recently gone back to watching the Mentalist.  I watched it previously on TV because of Simon Baker who is an Aussie and I had watched in the Guardian.

The Mentalist is simply Simon Baker. He makes the show and he dies it superbly.

Read the link to find out about the series . to my mind the series goes in three parts.
There is where Red John is in the background. He is an evil serial killer but very smart. This is very good with wonderful worl chenistry between Jane and Lisbon.
Then there is where Red John is front and centre and is eventually killed. This is boring and Red John goes from being an evil genius to a boofhead.
Lastly there is the part where Jane and others are part of the FBI. It is almost a new series. This is rerrifi. All the characters are great as are the plots. It is almost the perfect way for the series to end.

When the series starts there are some good characters , Cho is my favourite who delivers deapan statements brilliantly and others who are not. such as Rigsby and Van Pell.

My wife say Simon Baker is very handsome so if they were going to go with romance after Red John is dead they needed a beautiful woman. robin Tunney who plays Lisbon is average looking and perhaps the only woman who looks bad in a dress.

If you have not watched the Mentalist previously then watch it online. My sons and I are doing that now and are immensely enjoying it.

It is essential in these times!

Monday, 17 February 2020

The AFP behaving badly

I am afraid the AFP have lost all credibility.

Firstly they raided a journalist and the ABC on 'national security' grounds. Only problem was it took them some two years to do that. Some national security. Also important here is the allegation of war crimes. If our soldiers commit war crimes we should know about it. It should b never be hidden from the public view.
It was readily apparent they were not interested in national security but whom the whistleblower was!

Secondly we had their absurd and very specious reply to the Angus Taylor affair. Remember he used a forged document to make a public accusation against Sydney City council. Taylor quite absurdly said he dowmloaded the figures from the Council's website.  It was found very quickly by tech heads this was impossible.
Thus we have a very simple investigation said to take too much time and not important.

A very poor look.

Sunday, 16 February 2020

Book Review: Super Power by Ross Garnaut

This is a super book pardon the pun.
We open by finding out that less water in going into the Murray Darling but more water is being taken out. Fish kills are now the norm rather than the exception!

Garnaut writes in an very understandable way how Australia has a competitive advantage in renewable energy and if we capitalise on that we can go gang busters on it.

It also has the beauty ( ?) of not being a large book.

Just read it and hope the political class of Australia can do something in this area.

Thursday, 13 February 2020

Around the Traps 14/2/20

It is time again for Around the Traps.

Northern America
Andrew Gelman ( mainly stats)
Retired Genial Dave Giles  ( economatrics)
  • nuttin
Dianne Coyle ( quirky + book reviews)
Vox Wonk

Wednesday, 12 February 2020

Morrison performing badly

The Prime Minister Scott Morrison has been performing poorly for some time.

It started with his inept performance in attempting to defend the indefensible Angus Taylor. He was the man who if you remember attempted to say he got his information from the city of sydney's annual report off their website. He was trying to be smart and was caught out when it was easily shown this was impossible.Morrison was so unsettled by the he misled parliament quite a few times leading some 'conservative' commentators to say he was bad thinking on his feet.

Then came the bushfires. Leaders usually do well in times of crisis ( Tale the lamentable Daniel Andrews. He was I hate to say it outstanding. Knowing what and not what to say) but not Morrison. He looked way out of his depth.
Then we had sportsrorts.. As we have noted before this did not pass the pub test yet there he was defending the indefensible again.

Then we had his coalition partner engaging in a fight over leadership which has not gone away.

One  swallow  ( or to put it more accurately ) a few swallows do not make a summer but Morrison is not looking good at all and worse It is looking day by day the election gave us the wrong party to govern,
It is bad for Mmorrison as all the authority he got for winning the unwinnable election is going as more people on his side see it as a mere fluke rather than Morrison's strategy or campaigning.

Things may improve however he does not have a lot of talent to work with in the ministry so we shall see.

I forgot to add he appears to take angry pills when under pressure which only exacerbates things going badly

you will note I have refrained from using any polling. The reason for this no polling organisation has yet to show us they have come up with solutions to overcome the HUGE polling failure from the last election

Monday, 10 February 2020

Electricity again.

I am astounded how some in the government and also the media can say black is white and say it with so much passion.

Yet again we have research from the CSIRO in association with AEMO that shows that renewables added with batteries is lower in cost to old coal fired power stations. It wipes the floor with new coal fired stations.
Yet there was Matt Canavan saying they were dole bludgers only operating when they want to. Does he not know the Telsa battery has saved Melbourne from blackouts which would have been caused by break down in units of coal fired power stations. Where did that power come form. how is SA an energy exporter these days?

Let us examine the problems associated with coal fired power stations.

  • They take a long time to build
  • No investor wants a part of them
  • No financer wants a part of them
  • No insurer wants a part of them
  • They are unreliable. units break down with regular monotony more so nn very hot days when demand id at its peak
  • They emit emissions and pollution
Funny how these problems are either never addressed or ignored.

We do not need any any new coal fired power station. They would add to prices and emissions.


I neglected to talk about dispatchable and base load power. They are two different things as has been discussed previously. It takes some time to power ( pun intended) up a base load power station. Dispatchable power can be done in seconds as the Telsa battery has shown time and time again.
It seems after railing against dispatchable power when the NEG was proposed they are now used them inter changeably.
The foolishness of base load power can be seen via a very simple example. Imagine peak demand is 1000 widgets of power.  The power station has 1200 widgets of capacity just in case of the numerous breakdowns.
Midnight comes around and demand slips to 200 widgets BUT supply is still 1200 widgets.

Sunday, 9 February 2020

Christians behaving badly

I was looking at the Drum on Friday and Stephen O'Doherty was nonplussed about 'evangelicals' support for Trump.

The Prayer breakfast is a good example of this.
To a christian a payer breakfast is a very solemn occasion.
When you pray you are talking to God. When at a breakfast you are breaking bread with a brother or sister,

At this occasion which as you would expect not to involve politics well Trump did just that.
He did that using profanities, insults and demeaning language to anyone he din't like in politics.

What di the people at the prayer breakfast do you ask. They must have walked out surely. What Trump was doing was sacrilegious if not blasphemy.

No they cheered him just like republican legislators did later in the day.

My memory went to the Jewish leaders in the Temple built by Soloman for God where they worshiped the Sun God.