Sunday, 26 February 2017

The social conversative case for penalty rates

The Fair Work Commission cut penalty rates last week. Greg Jericho examines their arguments and fins them wanting.
Ross Gittins brings his salvation army history to bear. ( His late brother was a Baptist pastor)

Sunday is very different to any other day.
These days of increased technology people are working on Saturdays at home ( so much for more leisure time).
It is nigh impossible to have a family dinner on Saturdays now and forget about inviting people over for lunch or dinner.
Sunday is the only day of the week when people rest if they can. Thus it is the only time when people can meet and see each other.
People are relational beings. There has to be at least one day of the week when people can 'meet and greet' so to speak.
The penalty rate decision is simply making Sunday another working day.
It is anti-family and anti- friends.

If people wish to open business on Sunday then they should have to pay significantly higher wages to pay for the privilege. This means higher prices for goods and services.

We have seen this with Tradies for quite some time. If you require a Tradie on Sunday then you pay a lot more money as you should.

No social conservative would ever want Sunday to be just another commercial day.There is such a thing a society.