Tuesday, 31 January 2017

Trump is a disaster. We knew this before we know it now

We knew when Trump was a candidate he was a lying ignorant braggart. Take ISIS. It was quite clear he did not have a clue about them and did not know how to overcome them despite telling everyone he had a plan which would do it.

He is now President so we can figure what he will be like. The current immigration/refugee farce is typical about how he will be.

He acted on prejudice and without any evidence.( see yesterday's article) He took advice from two people who are complete looney tunes. He then didn't think through the consequences of what would occur.

We had the absurdity people who had greencards or were dual citizens were not allowed back into the USA. People in both categories who were in the USA could not leave the USA for work purposes.

Airports were in chaos as people did not know exactly how to interpret  Trump's policy.

No wonder markets have sold off.

We know now for sure Trump cannot admit to mistakes even HUGE ones. People who cannot admit to mistakes never learn from them.

His policy had the exact opposite intent of what he wanted. This policy was fantastic propaganda value for ISIS in terms of recruitment. If he had talked to experts he would have been told this.

He does not talk to experts , he talks to policy flakes who believe, like himself, in fake news.
He does not bother to find out the legality of any action he wants.
He will argue vigorously that black is white.

See Simon Wren-Lewis

Mark Thoma writes about some implication of this. Markets will be very wary of Trump picks for the Fed. Particularly if his team is more heavily critical of Yellen than the Reagan team was of Volker

We can now say with complete confidence Trump will be the disaster a lot of people thought.

Think about this. Trump does not start from a position of great political strength like Reagan for example did. He starts from a position of great political weakness than no-one on his team understands.

Be afraid, be very afraid. We had something similar in Australia, Tony Abbott became PM here despite all and sundry knowing he would be a disaster. He indeed was a disaster. It is a moot argument to argue whom is the worst PM  Bruce or Abbott.

Trump is a disaster and will continue to be a disaster!

I have been rightly upbraided for not commenting on the quality or lack of it of his advisors. The public service is a vastly different animal to the private sector.
Any President needs a cabinet of quality people. for the main Trump does not have this. His advisors outside of Cabinet  are either looney tunes or of poor intellectual background.  Where are the neo-liberals for example?