Wednesday, 17 March 2021

Problems with Nicole Flint

 Nicole Flint got up in parliament and made various allegations against a number of organisations. One included get up. They responded THUS.  

Unless Ms Flint can provide evidence then she has made untrue allegations in one instance. Each time she has made such an allegation it has been in Parliament , never out of it.

A few observations.

  1. I find it highly ironic for a person who took no prisoners in South Australian politics is making such accusations. She was targeted because of this i.e. being part of the 'hard right'.
  2. Get Up has no history of ever doing this in other electorates. Yes they do have people constantly questioning candidates but not abusing. Incidentally Get up is pretty poor at targeting MPS. They rarely succeeded last election.
  3. Abusing people seems to resonate with extinction rebellion rather than get up. Ms Flint seems to conflates a whole raft of organisations showing again poor political understanding or lazy research.
  4. Scott Morrison said he witnessed this. I find this strange as when a PM campaigns there are usually cameras arounds, at the very least a few journalists and people abusing a female candidate would be news. This did not occur on any TV stations I was watching and I watched the lot.

1 comment:

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