Wednesday, 7 November 2012

Nate Silver and The US Election

I think Robert Waldeman writes about how we should be quite impressed with Nate Silver the best.

Quite clearly people who do not understand basic statistics and desperately wanted Romney to win, like the crowd at Catallaxy, were shown to be complete imbeciles.

So too the pundits. Just take a peek at Brad De Long on the sidebar.

Republicans now have to decide who is more important. Those that can count or those that cannot!


this is interesting

nuther one.

Grog's Gamut puts an Aussie perspective on the election.

yikes I forgot our own Simon Jackman doing the same stuff Nate Silver did for the New York times with the same accuracy for the Huffington Post

Last comment but this is a must read if you are a wonk on this.

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