Wednesday, 14 November 2012

Favourite TV Programs

I have four programs I just love and I came to all of them by accident.

They are:
The Virginian,
The Mentalist,
Castle and

If you are curious about any of them then just look up wikipedia.

The Virginian is a Western but a sensible one. The title comes from the foreman of the ranch that the series delves on. We never get to know his name. Other characters in it was Trampas, Steve Hill, Randy Benton, Emmet Ryker ( only character not be to be on the ranch and my favourite).
One thing they had in common was that they were all fast  guns.

The Mentalist is about Patrick Jane a former 'psychic' who assists the CBI by being able to read people and situations. The head of the team is Teresa Lisbon. A gal with a terrific body but a plain face.
The series is all about Patrick Jane (our own Simon Baker). There is no 'love interest at all.

Castle is about a a best selling author ( Richard Castle) helping out the NYPD. The head cop he works with is Kate Beckett. If you do not believe hairstyles can be the difference between a woman being attractive and a babe then check out Stana Katic's hairstyle. Once she has long hair she is absolutely gorgeous.
Naturally Castle and Beckett like each other and eventually fall for each other.

JAG is about lawyers in the US Navy. Sarah McKenzie is front and centre played by Catherine Bell. without doubt she is the most beautiful woman I have seen. She plays a woman who is both tough and vulnerable. The Series ended with her and Harm getting married.

(Catherine Bell is the only female I have seen who looks much better with short hair. Stana Katic is the typical female who looks much better with long hair. They are both beautiful women.)

The Virginian had a bad last season. Called the men of Shiloh it completely changed the emphasis of the series and it wasn't hard to understand why it stopped.

JAG on the other hand had a terrible first series. Once love not sex became the main ingredient for its characters and we saw both investigations and courtroom scenes it got better and so did the scripts.

Not much to say on the other two but they appear to be both near the end.

I only saw the Virginian on early morning on 7 mate before hurrying to work. I taped it after that. I haven't seen all the episodes.

I watched JAG because my wife like it. I like it as well. I have seen all the episodes. Last episode was a bummer.
I caught the Mentalist only by seeing an add for it on TV and since I liked Simon Baker from the Guardian I watched it. My two boys love it.

I caught Castle late one Sunday night and have been taping it ever since. I have to catch up on earlier episodes.

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