Sunday, 25 November 2012

Blogs on my sidebar

Why do I have the blogs on my sidebar?

Let us go through them in no particular order.

Noah Smith's Noahopinion ( get it?) and David Glasner's Uneasy Money are fantastic for pure intellectual stimulation into areas of economics one sometimes mightn't venture to.

Brad De Long and Paul Krugman are simply too good to miss from a Keynesian perspective.

Mark Thoma's Economist view is also too good to miss. He picks up any interesting article written anywhere. Indeed read this blog first.

I have been following Calculated Risk since the credit crunch. It is a must read if you want to know about US housing.

Econbrowser features Jim Hamilton and Menzies Chin. some good econometric work is always around.

Simon Wren-Lewis writes the Mainly Macro blog and it is good for the UK and Europe.

Macroblog is the blog of the Federal Reserve of Atlanta with Dave Altig  and always proves interesting.

John Quiggin's blog provides commentary mainly on Australia.

Examining Australia then one should read both the Kouk's Market Economics ( sadly too few articles as his wife is suffering from cancer) and Ricardian Equivalence. ( the commenters are of high quality as well.)

Peter Martin is an old mate and a great economic journalist and has a great blog.

Harry Clarke is good for examining environmental economics.

Mumble is a great blog for politics. Simon Jackman is useful for looking at politics from here and afar.

The Pollbludger is great for Australian politics.

Finally Mark the Graph will graph anything he can straight away.

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