Thursday, 5 September 2013

Around the Traps 6/9/13

It is time for Around the Traps again.

I have left out all polling in the last week of the Aussie election. It is tomorrow so we will find out son enough.
John Quiggin has an interesting piece on Market monetarism  modern monetary theory with plenty of great comments.

all articles relating to the late Ronald Coase is in the general section.

Lots of great week-end reading. no football or cricket and am batching all weekend so will update each day.

Canada V United States

Brian Banisch ( Climate)
Andrew Gelman (   your friendly omnipresent Statistics Guru)
Dave Giles ( Your Friendly Canadian  Econometrics Professor)
We are waiting Dave!!! but he is sorry   An invasion of Canada has been averted!

Dianne Coyle ( The greatest quirky of all time) and Frances Woolley ( an expert on 'hotness') Quirky + book reviews

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