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Castle -Who is Kate Beckett another update.

Only TWO months before episode 1 Series6!!!!

The lovely lady at writing on the castle walls has written her opinion on my theory of Our Kate having an affair with a married man.

She replies here and here.   She is very kind in her answers however I am thinking perhaps I need to put more meat on my  Castlesque theory on Beckett!

  • Beckett is quite put out by the married man having an affair in episode 2  where (Castle immediately writes of Nikki Heat having had a broken heart.) and then in the next episode where the dead local politician is found in a compromising position with a woman later found to be a prostitute.
  • It has to happen very close to her mother's murder as Our Kate thinks her emotional reactions are all about her mother's murder. Thus it happens when she is at University.
  • He is a Vaughn like sleazebag whose ways mesmerise her and she falls deeply in love with him.
  • It is also likely to be short but  highly passionate.
  • Our Kate is no home wrecker so she most definitely did NOT know he was married.
  • When she finds out she confronts him and he claims he is going to separate from his wife but of course doesn't.
  • This leads to her feeling both a conquest and he got tired of her and moved on.  

Now let us examine some theories about who it could have been or even if it wasn't who she was in love with.

Will Sorensen
He is immediately out of the picture. Castle has met him and Castle tells Beckett she does not go out with men she is in love with at the end of Series 3. This includes Sorensen.
Sorensen happens after her bad 'affair' and was only for 6 months.
Beckett would have known he would be transferred to another city. So it is an easy option for her. She goes out with some-one who she likes but does not love and when he is transferred the affair is over. She doesn't even have to tell him it is over. The relationship is classic Beckett.
Beckett and Sorensen are never really close in the last two episodes of the first series. Her reactions to Sorensen  are similar to her reactions to Demmng later.

Mike Royce
Lots of problems here. Yes she does say to him on the phone in Series 3 episode 3 she was in love with him BUT  she is giving him new information. Castle had already had lunch with him and would have picked up any 'love vibes' between Beckett and Royce. There were none around. moreover Beckett would have NEVER EVER let Castle help her get Royce's murderer if he had been a lover. She would have known Castle would have picked something up. Beckett never reacts to Royce's murder as a former lover being murdered only as a close friend.
Castle of course knows Royce so would be on the list as well IF he had been a lover.

As I said a few days ago it is the brief but passionate affair that leads to Our Kate having the doubts in her affair with Castle which come out in the final three episodes of series 5. Without this theory the last three episodes simply do not make sense.
  • This affair leads us to realise Our Kate is easy meat for transparent liars as we find out later with Meredith or Vaughn. 
  • She is very wary of a man dumping her in a close relationship when they tire of her.
  • We know she is a glass half empty gal and so it doesn't matter how many times Castle proves his lover for her just one little thing like playing an internet game rather than having sex ( this is unbelievable but it is in the episode) provokes these fears
  • It totally explains why she is such a fervent 'one and done' gal
  • She is an emotionally immature woman. She never reflects at all on her relationships. She lets Josh get away with murder in episode 4 of series 3 when she should have learnt from her affair with Demming.
However at the end of all this we must remind ourselves Castle still thinks Beckett is worth it  and he is her answer and he is RIGHT!

Whoopsy obligatory Castle-Coldplay tune

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