Sunday, 28 April 2013

The "Right" in Australia continued

Read this and weep.

Here is a person who had a intellectual reputation simply writing as a ideological spear thrower.

What is his point and more importantly what and where is his evidence?

His mate has no sense of humour.  ( Kruggers links to Noah Smith's article which was on Around the Traps but there was no acknowledgement of that. why?

Okay I am bored but now I read that tax being 21.7of  % of GDP is rivers of gold. It just happen that is lower than it ever was under the previous Government. The Previous estimate of 22.3% was about as low as it did get( okay it got to 22.2%).

In all these cases the readers are being taken for people who have little upstairs. Unfortunately this seems to be the case.


  1. Read the post.

    Do you think, you're in any way coherent?

  2. It is only coherent to people who understand the topic and read the links