Sunday, 7 April 2013

The "Right" in Australia are a disgrace

Let us just to make it easy and  define the 'right' in Australia as the "Australian, Catallaxy/IPA" crowd.

I highlighted on Around the Traps on Friday a number of items by some of the people associated with the 'right wing' crowd where what was written was in a word pathetic.

Judith Sloan 'wrote' on the problems of government debt. Unfortunately for her the Kouk read her sloppy article and wrote a retort and subsequently wiped the floor with her. Moreover we read from Matt Cowgill today that her understanding of the labour market is completely incorrect. This is her only area of expertise and she doesn't even know the facts!
We know now her understanding of government debt is very poor and we have seen previously she makes up figures when 'examining' fiscal consolidation ( again courtesy of the Kouk.)
Perhaps the peroxide got to her or perhaps she is simply oblivious to facts. Whatever she patently shouldn't have a gig at the Oz.

Sinclair Davidson attempted to infer there had been a structural break in rising world temperatures. When asked to man up and say this he simply deleted the comment!  Thus he simply ignored a simple question.
He won't answer because he cannot. He can't because he knows there is no there is no structural break and would be taken to the statistical cleaners if he attempted that.  He won't say otherwise because his ignorant readers will continue to believe that has been a change. This is very goebellian!

In another piece he again attempts to say black is white with regard to Robyn Williams. We have examined this before in awarding the Forrest Gump award.

So what do they do?
They simply ignore facts, make stuff up in the hope people will fall for their blatant propaganda. Fortunately only the clueless accept this.
They are a disgrace however and appear to have no self respect nor embarrassment when caught out.


  1. "Sinclair Davidson attempted to infer there had been a structural break in rising world temperatures. When asked to man up and say this he simply deleted the comment! Thus he simply ignored a simple question."

    You lying illiterate, Homer. You do that all thhe time. You're always deleting comments here because you're unable to ever answer a question posed.

  2. Yea, you douchebag Homer. You grudge filled douche

  3. I only delete comments where swearing or other bad language is involved. Go to school and learn the neglish language now we know economics and statisitcs is way beyond your reach.

    Sinclair meanwhile confirms his reputaion as the Goebbels of the blogosphere and the catallaxy crowd as the SA.

  4. My computer is acting up today.

    make that english. bad keyboard

  5. Homer

    Stop blogging. You're not cut out for it.

  6. Yeah you are right.

    I do not manufacture figures that 'prove' my thesis, I do not write about topics I do not know about and I do not man up to saying something I merely infer to people who do not understand the topic.

    I am a failure

  7. You're not just a failure, old son. You're a total failure and a laughing stock even to the people you're now trying to grovel to. They laugh at you.

  8. whilst putting up you can show who I am grovelling to and thus where they are laughing at me