Wednesday, 10 May 2017

Vale Mark Colvin

A long time ago I was interested in topics such as job enrichment, worker participation, industrial democracy and I was told there was an amazing thing happening at Double Jay the new ABC rock station.

I rang up Marius Webb and organised to talk to a lot of people at the station. The most interesting and most impressive person I got to meet was a young journalist Mark Colvin. I remember telling him at the time he had a voice for radio.
He sounded authoritative, sounded the gentlemen he was. You enjoyed listening to his calm voice.
He was the initial voice of The World Today but made his name at the very authoritative PM program where he was the voice of the program.

He died today at the age of 65, an age far too young.

He will be missed.

Here is Jim Middleton a close colleague.
This also from the ABC website


I do apologise I failed to mention the great intellect of Mark. This was what made him most interesting IMHO. He could speak with authority o\n a variety of topics. This and his sense of humour made him the first person to invite to any dinner party. He is possibly one of the few people who used twitter as it should be used. His links were absolute gems.