Wednesday, 24 May 2017

The Coroners Report was disappointing

The Coroners Report released yesterday into the Lindt Cafe siege was very disappointing.

Take Monis first.
Why did he do this? If he was a terrorist as alleged when was he radicalised?  He came to Australia as a refugee from Iran . He was a liberal Shia cleric. Changing to a hard line Sunni ISIS inspired terrorist is a whopping big change. He was also on bail both for accessory to murder of his wife and quite a few sexual offences. Any evidence he was aghast at all these sins? ( Why in the hell was he allowed bail not once but three times?)

What was the point of the 'siege'? Take Manchester for instance. The point there is the terrorist has changed behaviour in at least two instances. Parents will not allow their children to go to concerts and soldiers will be on the streets.

Terrorists usually kill themselves as well as their targets but not in this instance. why?

What behaviour would be changed by the siege? Whom was taking responsibility for it?

It is all to easy to say it was a terrorist attack and let everyone off the hook.

Monis was a man who both gained publicity for himself and tried to gain some street cred amongst people he wanted to be with. Was the siege part of this? Given his girlfriend was convicted we can speculate he would have been as well. Was the siege merely a way to gain publicity in his death?

Lots of questions and no answers. Over 600 pages at that.

Not good enough.