Sunday, 21 May 2017

Menzies' forgotten people speech.

In what must be the most hyperbolic statement in politics radio shock jock Steve Price said Menzies forgotten people speech which he did on radio station 2UE in Sydney this this day a long time ago.

He made it in 1942.
This speech made soooo much reaction Curtin won the 1943 election in a canter.!!

Chifley then easily won in the 1946 election. Indeed if he hadn't had a brain snap and tried to nationalise the banks he would not have lost the 1949 election narrowly as it happened.

If this speech resonated soooo much with the  unwashed then Menzies would have won the 1943 election where Parliament was on a knife edge. Even so he would have surely won the 1946 election if people warmed to the speech and everything in it.

Facts do contradict illogical statements!