Monday, 22 May 2017

Steve from Brisbane nails it

Steve from Brisbane writes an very interesting blog.

He is quite anti-Trump for very good reasons as I am.
His latest simply nails the issue.
His emphasis on what Peter Beinart says it all. Trump is a coward. Trump says nasty wildly offensive things all the time yet when he meets people face to face he instantly changes to jelly.
In other words he has no ideology at all. He changes like the wind.

At present he talks about radical islam in the 'moderate' Saudia Arabia of all places.
This is the  place where Wahhabism is front and centre and exported to the world.
If you were caught with a bible in your hand what would occur in that country?  What if you renounced Islam? how about kissing your girlfriend in the local park? What if she wanted to drive the car?

Only Trump could then issue threats against Iran just after most in Iran voted to become more of the world!
Comment on the election. See: