Sunday, 28 May 2017

Iran and Trump

Iran had a Presidential election and Iran voted in droves for the Iran economy to open up and for living standards to rise as a result. Middle class Persians are no different job anyone else!

There is now a clear and significant chasm between the political and religious leadership in Iran. Although the latter has far more power than the former the religious leadership has to pay due deference to the political leadership.
Opening up the Iranian economy has significant effects on the people but also the different forms of leadership.
A leader who understands this could choose to drive a wedge between the political and religious leaderships to boost the democratic process and boost the political leadership in the process.
This can only work with a deft political touch.

Trump  in Saudia Arabia , which is at the centre of Wahhabism the  prime theological force behinds both ISIS and Al Qaeda, completely ignored all this and criticised Iran as the prime force behind Terrorism.
Given how much those two terrorist groups hate Iran because it is Shia this was absurd.
We learnt both during the Primaries and the election that Trump was completely ignorant on Terrorism and ISIS. We had hoped he would learn on the job.
He hasn't and will not. He has taken exception when views contrary to his has been told to him by his Security and Intelligence agencies hence his war with them.

Yet another piece of evidence of what occurs when you put an ignorant braggart in power!