Wednesday, 17 May 2017

John Quiggin goes Catallaxy

John Quiggin has a article on his blog entitled churchgoing-labor-voters

Naturally I looked in on this and was rather disappointed.
John talked about socially progressive observant Christians. This did sound to me as a complete contradiction. upon following john's link I found it was.

He  unfortunately linked to wikipedia. Even then how could a person incorporate evangelical and liberal thought together. It is lie saying you believe both in Keynesian and Classical economics. It is completely nonsensical;.

John and his readers obviously did not know this. This is understandable as they are not christians but I would have thought they could at least try and get some basic understanding of the issues but no.
further we find socially progressive christians support LGBT rights and same sex marriage. Whoopsy this is at odds of what is in the bible is it not?
That is like a person saying they are a Keynesian but advocates austerity in a recession!

The 'best' that can be said for this John ( and his readers) is simply quite ignorant of what constitutes christianity . Further evidence of this is the fact john curtailed any further comment by me on the topic.

On this issue John behaved just like Catallaxy. tut tut