Wednesday, 10 May 2017

Some help for Soony

Poor Jason Soon.

He loves to embrace economic theories without reading of any empirical evidence.

Here are just a couple I have highlighted here from my modest blog. I found it amazing  a man of such high intellectual heights did not know about this.

tsk tsk

  • why-is-wage-growth-so-low   please note none of this could occur if the ALP re-regulated the labour marker. It did the opposite. You know things like only employees could sign off on an EBAs or strike action could only occur during EBA bargaining. There were lots more. The Fair work act used much less words than its predecessor A lot was simply changing the name!
  • another-stake-in-heart-of-classical-economics   The OECD found if you introduce labour market reforms when the economy is in the doldrums then the economy will get worse, primarily unemployment will rise. If you favour labour marker reforms you introduce them when the economy is humming or at least about to him.
come on Soony you are not a Katesy. You do have a first class intellect. Do not descend into Catallaxy like comments!!

Please note when I wrote about the above papers.