Tuesday, 30 May 2017

Shorten out of touch on budget

The Budget has been quite remarkable.
It certainly caught out Bill Shorten something fierce.
His policy on financing the NDIS is simply incoherent and nonsensical.
He is even worse on education. Moreover they did not implement Gonski. They did not cut funds from rich schools so needy schools could get more like this Government is attempting to do.A cut in expenditure is not that same as not  increasing it as much as previously forecast. Greg Jericho has good advice on this.

Shorten does not seem to understand the more you simply oppose something for short term purposes the more likely it will come back and bite you on the bum when you are in Government. Tony Abbott anyone??

Shorten had the opportunity to embrace the policies the Government is now set to implement  from Labour but no he is working on the Tony Abbott school of Opposition. He has gone from the Centre to the Left and looked a complete goose in the meantime.

Polling indicates it does not matter in the short term but once in government it creates a lot of problems.

Shorten has become a much diminished political figure since the budget.