Wednesday, 10 February 2016

Warren Truss is leaving

Warren Truss the leader of the National party and quite possibly the most boring man in politics is leaving.

What I found amazing about this is how no-one ever reported how he and Bruce Scott were trying with all their energies to get anyone but Barnaby Joyce to replace him.

They have apparently been unsuccessful .given this mornings AM program it is all but a done deal given the comments by the only person who may challenge Joyce for the leadership.

I am intrigued why no-one has talked about these internal National tensions.It was an open secret. I think only Andrew Elder has written about this in the blogosphere,

I am also intrigued why Joyce is seen as a good politician. He was a joke in opposition when he was Shadow finance spokesman. his white paper on Agriculture was 'ahem ' poor. He is possibly the only person who could ensure sympathy for Johnny Dep !