Tuesday, 9 February 2016

Stadiums in Sydanee

We have a number of proposals to build new stadiums or change existing ones in Sydney.
It all involves public money.

The first question is why?  If these proposals stack up why couldn't say the Thugby League and Thugby Union Associations do as joint venture themselves. They would be raking in the money.

The answer I believe lies in examining one proposal. Get rid of of the Sports Ground which seats 40,00 and build a brand new stadium for about a bil which seats 55,00.

This is ludicrous. The present stadium is rarely full. It would be worse if one built a larger stadium.It would only be filled for the Sydney Derby if both teams are playing well and a home semi-final for the Waratahs.
There is an argument which says the best match of the NRL should play there  indeed replicate what the AFL have done in Melbourne.
Sydney ain't Melbourne. Fans do not like to travel  (possibly because it is so hard). I am not convinced.

Enlarging Parramatta stadium makes sense given the crowds for the Wanderers but that is only for around  8  months and that assumes continued success for the Wanderers. Remember last season anyone!

Obviously the NSW Government has too much money at present to entertain such silly and wasteful projects.