Sunday, 21 February 2016

Politics gets interesting

The latest Newspoll is out and the parties are 50/50. ( Mark the Ballot here) The government would still win on these figures but lose a lot of skin as a result. Polls have been narrowing as the inimitable Kevin Bonham recently noted.

Is this the end of the Turnbull honeymoon? People were overjoyed when Abbott was toppled and it looked like an adult was pout in charge however in recent times Turnbull doesn't appear to have much of an idea of what he wants to do. Scott Morrison gives a very good impression of all hat no cattle as Derrida Derider observes over at john quiiggin's place. He certainly dumped big time on both Abbott and Hockey.

I am not going to talk about a change of Government like John has but the lustre has gone from the present mob and from Turnbull in particular.

Shorten in recent times has been impressive and you cannot say this opposition does not deliver on policy. Of course it is much easier to do this when the PBO is around to cost your policies.

Oh on Barnaby I am with Brenty

Politics has gotten much more interesting.