Sunday, 14 February 2016

Stuart Robert Gawn

Stuart Robert is gone as he always was gong to to after Malcolm Turnbull asked his esteemed head of Department to examine the matter ans report back to him. He found Robert had breached the ministerial code of conduct.
If Turnbull wanted to keep Robert no report from a public servant would have been asked for a report.  Clearly it was self evident he had breached the code on Robert's own words.

This left Scott Morrison and Barnaby Joyce with extremely red faces. Typically lazy and ignorant people were caught out as well. ( Actually compare both linked articles.  Davidson's words are unbelievable bad.)

Turnbull has been very shrew. He has acted unlike most politicians, He asked his Departmental head for a report. Once he got a report he acted. Unlike say Keating with Kelly he did not absurdly and obstinately defend the indefensible.

Score another point to Turnbull.