Wednesday, 17 February 2016

George Pell

Far be it for me to defend a Roman Catholic priest ( a contradiction in terms as they can not marry and have children and thus violate one of God's conditions for ministers) however the 'outrage against him visavis the Royal Commission is wrong and sometimes blatantly so.

He has appeared before the Commission not once but twice. He is going to appear before it again.

He has been given advice that his heart MAY not survive a flight to Australia. He therefore made the decision to make his appearance in Rome.

He ain't avoiding the Commission. It is entirely dishonest to imply this. A song  by some vile person named Tim Winton is simply dishonest vituperative spray at Pell.

Give this man a break. If he has done wrong then it will come out. It has not come out as yet.

I get the feeling even if it does not come out these people still won't say they are wrong.