Monday, 22 February 2016

Changes to the Senate voting system

The Government unveiled its changes to the senate voting system.
This article is a good explainer. ( Se also Michelle Grattan.) (This is good as well. The writer seems to think the proposed changes will lead to a higher informal vote in the Senate because of the complexity of the voting system. He thinks a copy of how Victorians vote in their Upper house is the way to go and I do think he has a point.

I have never voted the same when voting federally in both houses so it won't affect me that much but hopefully it will reduce the number of people standing.

On a related note I notice some Abbott fans are saying the Liberals were morals to win the next election when he was PM but the latest newspoll  has shown the next election to close to call.

EVERY poll bar none had the Liberals losing bigtime when the next election rolled around. That is why the Liberals got rid of him!