Tuesday, 2 February 2016

Are all muslims potential terrorists?

Are all Muslims potential terrorists to people in Australia?

Okay before I start I should sat Islam like ALL religions is satanic. The reason being it makes the HUMAN the person responsible on  if and how they get to heaven/paradise et al.

 Christianity is NOT a religion but this is a topic for another day.

When you examine any terrorist acts made in the Western world you will find no shias involved at all. It appears they and particularly Persians like to outsource this act out particularly in proxy wars they are involved however I am not talking about that at present.. They clearly do not believe dying in a jihad will lead automatically to paradise.

Moreover only one particular 'version' of Sunni islam ( which emanates from Saudi Arabia and from which NO Western country has taken no action on) apparently lead some Muslims to terrorist acts.

This is what people in Al Qaeda and Isis believe in.

Thus no only a small proportion of Muslims can be potential terrorists. It means of course the intelligence agencies job is much easier than most people think!