Wednesday, 12 August 2015

The Government's polling blues

The Government is still polling badly.

For stat wonks we have Mark the Ballot:

And then we have the inimitable Kevin Bonham for both stats and incisive comment.

Thus we know The Government has if anything deteriorated lately. This is truly remarkable and almost unheard of for a FIRST TERM  Government.

Why is this so as Julius Sumner Miller would have said.

One thing that stands out like the proverbial shag on a rock is people are no longer taking what anything the Government says seriously.

Two examples from yesterday

Abbott adopts a principled position on same sex marriage ( Which I support) but then does in in his party room in an unprincipled way which can be viewed by anyone. At least when Howqrd did it with the Republican debate it was not easy to see!

Abbott claims the ALP will adopt a price on carbon of $200. This is hyperbole overdrive and makes any statement by him hard to accept.

Being sneaky and loose with the truth is a very bad combination.

If you are a gambler ( and remember it is a sin) then I agree with the Kouk.