Monday, 31 August 2015

Bill Shorten is a very lucky man part two

Yesterday Dyson Heydon said he would not stand down as the head of the Royal Commission.
for a man who reputedly has a mind like a steel trap his reasoning was specious and pretty easy to refute. One wonders why he took so long to write it. It was so bad it has now has become a figure of fun.
Here is a reasonable take on the whole thing.Richard Ackland has a bit of fun.

For all the talk of integrity Heydon didn't show any at all.
Bill Shorten must be the luckiest man alive. Heydon's argument and the government's defence of him makes this increasingly a political event for any ordinary punter.
Any criticism it makes of Shorten he can shrug off as a biased decision.All futre people to appear before the RC can make the Heydon defence.

Looking at this in purely political terms the ALP never wanted Heydon to resign as he should have. They wanted him to continue so they can shrug it off as I have stated.

The next thing they want is a large swing in Canning but not large enough to win so Abbott continues as PM.

Bill Shorten has to be the luckiest Opposition leader ever opposing a first term Government!