Tuesday, 25 August 2015

Q and A Much Ado about Nothing

I watched Qand A the other night ( or replay actually as I had a cricket meeting.)

I enjoyed the show and thought all the participants were interesting although Tony Windsor got to the boring stage quicker than the rest.

I have to say I completely missed the NAME of the tweeter. Not unexpectedly Katesy get his facts wrong again. It wasn't an anti-abbott tweet. It was anti-abbott name.

When I look at those damned tweets I just look at what is said like most viewers. I never look at the name of the tweeter.

I am not surprised this got passed whoever looks at which tweets to put on. You would be looking at the content not the name.

Indeed this raises the question what sort of person would look at the names of tweeters and why?

How to fix this up.

Get rid of the tweets. It is off-putting and doesn't do anything to enhance the show.


I see Greg Hunt is talking about the offensive tweer. He is as stupid and lazy as Katesy. The tweet was not offensive. It was the name of the tweeter! As I stated previously the person would have been looking at the tweet not the tweeter's name.

Further Update:

This has died a quick death probably for the reasons outlined.