Sunday, 23 August 2015

The Ashes Fifth Test

Yet again we have a test where there is no contest.

Cook won the toss and bowled yet his bowlers wasted the opportunity.Australia got a good total and then bowled well. There was no fight in England and they got beaten easily.

I do not understand how bowlers can bowl well in one test and then bowl badly in the next. you expect some consistency by bowlers in test matches.
We saw no fight by batsmen in any of the test matches. once a team was down they were gone to gowings.

Being an ex-fast bowler I enjoyed the flurry of wickets in most tests. The batting for the most part was lamentable on both sides.

I think the wickets for the last three matches were excellent but much too dead for the first two.

I will write about the next ashes series and the possibilities a bit later.

Overall an ashes series enjoyable to watch.