Monday, 17 August 2015

Q and A rocks

I had never watched Q and A until the controversy erupted. I have since then and it is a good program. all the programs except one have proved quite enjoyable viewing. The one that wasn't included Alan Jones, Say no more.
Last night Brendon O'Neil and Kate Faust really floored everybody else.
They were on fire.
The person who was really dad was Richard Di Natale the Greens leader. Until this moment he had been shown in a good light and had gotten the Greens back into the political contest.
last night he has actually really bad.
He made generalised comments and at times held views that had no evidence to back them up with.

Tony Jones as the person who makes the program is the perfect person for the role.

It does remind me somewhat of the very old Monday Conference which the Late Bob Moore was the frontman for.