Sunday, 16 August 2015

The Curious case of Dyson Heydon

Dyson Heydon is in it. Richard Ackland tell s us about him.

His big problem is that he was due to give a speech at the Garfield Barwick lecture which was a Liberal party fundraiser. as Ben Eltham notes imagine the hue and cry from the government if Gillian Triggs was going to give a speech at an ALP fundraiser!!

There is a lot of irony here.

  • Garfield Barwick was easily the most political judge ever to sit on the High Court.
  • Heydon's explanation is one he does not accept from Union officials at the Royal Commission he is presiding over.
It is a measure of how deep in doggy doo doo Heydon is in when Tony Burke of all people can easily criticise him. As he said Heydon is either incredibly incompetent or very loose with the truth. Either way his position as Head of the Royal Commission is untenable.

If Dyson Heydon has the integrity everybody says he has then he will resign. If he hasn't got it then he won't resign.
We wil soon find out.

Bill Shorten is an incredibly lucky person. He can easily brush aside any criticisms made of him by the Royal Commission moreover the results are now tainted.

It is now a complete waste of money thanks to Dyson Heydon.

Dyson Heydon has now given a statement to the Royal Commission which raises more questions than it answers.
Dyson Heydon is either the most naive person on the planet or one of the most devious with one of the worst excuses.
He simply doesn't understand he doesn't understand HE has compromised his own royal commission.
no matter what he finds they will de drowned out by his incompetence.He has now gicven a leave pass to any corrupt Union official he has found out about!

Further Update:
Heydon has now released e-mails of his correspondence about the speech. He now says he simply did not pen the attachments which showed it was a fundraiser. All people who appear at the RC will now use the Heydon excuse. the RC is now officially cactus.
Lenore Taylor says it better than I. So is Michelle Grattan.

If the man doesn't resign he has no honour at all. I think he will.