Sunday, 9 August 2015

The Ashes debacle fourth Test

What more can be said!
I do not understand why in the FOURTH test Australian batsman still have no technique to a moving ball. whether it is in the air or off the pitch.
I teach my U/16s to get the head over the ball but this is beyond our test batsman!

In three of the four tests thus far we have had batsman getting out to a moving ball and bowlers who give away runs. There appears little fight with either our batsmen or bowlers.
England have top order problems but we have no plan to exploit that!

Moreover no selection escapades make sense. We had to win at Trent Bridge. The test would last last five days so you had to have bowlers to take wickets so what did we do? Drop an all-rounder and bring in a batsman?

I had to go shopping with my wife last Thursday night . I got an excited call from my eldest son after three wickets were down. By the time I got home 5 were down!

An incredible test where I was simply embarrassed. Can we please gain some respect at the oval

I wonder how much Clarke's injury contributed to his dreadful form. He did appear to me not be be straight as possible and his head not upright as it should be.